Laminate tubes

Tube is a packaging that perfectly protects the contents from harmful external factors, such as light, moisture or bacteria. In addition, they retain their properties and their consistency, smell, colour or taste for a long time. This is possible thanks to the use of a laminate with a multilayer structure in their production.

Two types of material are distinguished here:

  • ABL (Aluminium Barrier Laminate) – provides the best protection and is used to protect particularly sensitive or aggressive products, such as pharmaceuticals;
  • PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate) – recommended primarily for products that should have a longer shelf life, such as cosmetic products.

Laminate tube is the packaging most commonly used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries, but also in the household chemicals, construction and automotive industries.

The flat printed material is supplied on a roll for the further stage known as tube-making.

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