Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive label is a product that consists of several layers. The first one is the outer, usable material. It is made of high-quality plastic so it does not become damaged in the process of its application and also in the course of time. The second layer is the adhesive. The last is the paper and foil backing made of silicone. Self-adhesive labels are available in the form of a roll. The top layer of a multilayer self-adhesive label is usually a paper of varying colour (usually neutral so that the information printed on the label is visible). Other materials, such as aluminium, laminate or other plastics, are also used to form the outer layer of labels. The use of self-adhesive labels is universal. They are most commonly applied in such industries as cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and alcohol.

Our range of labels includes:

  • labels for food products
  • labels for lunch meats and cheese
  • labels for fruit
  • labels for glass and plastic bottles
  • labels for alcohol
  • labels for pharmaceuticals
  • dietary supplements
  • labels for cosmetics, washing or rinsing liquids
  • labels for household chemicals
  • labels for construction products
  • labels for candles, lights
  • labels for garden products
  • open&close labelling
  • promotional labels
  • scratch-off labels
  • sandwich labels
  • double-layered peel-off labels
  • labels with screen-print elements
  • tickets
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