Shrink sleeve labels

Shrink sleeve label – a modern type of label used for product labelling. Shrink sleeve labels are created by printing a sleeve of foil that shrinks over the entire surface when exposed to heat. Various materials are used to produce such labels, including PVC and PET, characterised by varying degrees of contractility. Today, fully ecological materials produced from renewable raw materials are also used. Shrink sleeve labels are currently used primarily in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Types of shrink sleeve labels:

  • Full body label – usually covers the entire surface of the container, fitting tightly to its contours. This category of labels also includes half-full shrink sleeve labels – only partially covering the surface of the container.
  • Combo pack label – mainly used for promotional combinations of products, not necessarily the same ones. These items can vary in shape and size.
  • Tamper evident label – a category of labels providing the possibility of protecting a product from opening; such a label, applied to the closure of a container, functions as a void label.
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