Wrap-around labels

Wrap-around label is used for the aesthetic labelling of products in bottles. They are perfectly adapted to the shape of the packaging and visually resemble sleeves. Their characteristic feature is that they are glued only at the point of edge joining. They are usually made of foil or paper, but to make them much more durable, we laminate them or cover them with another coating. As a result, they not only become more durable and difficult to tear, but also gain an eye-catching finish. Our bands can have a matt or glossy surface or be refined using, for example, cold-stamping. Such labels are used, a.o., in the food, alcohol and chemical industries. Due to their customisable shape, they provide an interesting marking of the goods. The information can also be printed on the back of the wrapper, as it is not coated with adhesive. This makes it an attractively priced solution.

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